What ALex checks for

Interior Check

ALex will check the vehicle’s interior for:

  • Condition of Upholstery
  • Condition of Interior Trim
  • Presence of Spare Tire/Jack
  • Accessories Performance
  • Air Conditioner Performance
  • Climate Control Performance
  • Performance of Interior Lights
  • Power Window and Locks Performance

Exterior Check

ALex will check the vehicle’s exterior for:

  • Condition of Windshield/Wipers
  • Condition of External Trim Damage
  • Condition of Paint and Body Work
  • Condition and Inflation of Wheels/Tires
  • Performance of Exterior Lights

Underbody Check

ALex will check under the vehicle for:

  • Condition of Brake System
  • Condition of Steering System
  • Condition of Suspension System
  • Condition of Axels and Drive Shafts
  • Condition of Fuel Tank/Fuel Lines
  • External Condition of Engine/Transmission
  • Presence of Any Leaks

Under the Hood Check

ALex will check under the hood for:

  • Condition of Belts/Hoses/Clamps
  • Condition of Visible Wiring
  • Condition of Air Filter/Fluids
  • Condition of Battery
  • Presence of Any Leaks
  • Presence of Abnormal Sounds
  • Presence of Pending Engine Codes

Flood Damage Check

ALex will check the vehicle for:

  • Water Damage in Concealed Areas
  • Presence of Abnormal Levels of Rust
  • Presence of Rust in Unusual Areas
  • Presence of Mold or Mildew

Collision Damage Check

ALex will check the vehicle for:

  • Welding Repair Indicators
  • Painting Repair Indicators
  • Vehicle Part Misalignments
  • Presence of Crumpled Metal

Vehicle History Report (B, C, & D Checks Only)

ALex will furnish a current industry-accepted vehicle history report to reveal any negative reported information concerning odometer issues, title history, or accident history.


Engine and Transmission Oil Analysis Check (C & D Checks Only)

It’s impossible to assess the internal condition of an engine or transmission without pulling them from the vehicle and dismantling them for visual inspection. So, the next best way to determine their condition is to analyze the engine’s oil or transmission’s fluid. ALex will obtain oil and transmission oil samples from the and ship them overnight to our lab for a thorough analysis. We will then email you the results the very next day. Whenever there is a negative analysis report, ALex will automatically Black Flag that vehicle and you should not buy it under any circumstances.


Comprehensive Test Drive Check (D Checks only)

ALex knows what you look out for when driving a vehicle. There are just certain things (rattles, noises, clunks, thumps, smells). You know how it is, right? You take a car to a mechanic trying to describe a problem, but it doesn’t happen while the car is in the garage?

ALex will check the vehicle for:

  • Braking Performance
  • Powertrain System Performance
  • Presence of Smoke or Abnormal Noises
  • Steering and Alignment Performance
  • Suspension System Performance
  • Overall operation of the vehicle