Who the heck is ALex?

In this world, there are two kind of used vehicles: the one you think you’re buying and the one you actually buy.

ALex is a movement to forever transform how we buy and sell used vehicles with our hard-earned money. We want to protect you from vehicles that have been flooded, wrecked, or just plain bad.
From the outside, a vehicle may look like a good buy, right? Well, you know how that famous piece of advice goes: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Neither can you judge a vehicle just by how it looks to you.
It may be perfectly okay to trust some dealers…just make sure you can verify what the dealer is telling you by getting a vehicle checked out before you buy it. Just like you get a house inspected before you buy it, shouldn’t you apply that same logic to buying a used vehicle?

Caveat Emptor “Let the buyer beware…”

While a vehicle’s exterior may be shiny and its interior may look clean and new, there are two huge dangers in buying used vehicles: bad mechanicals and unreported accidents. A vehicle in bad mechanical condition can hurt you as soon as you drive off the dealer’s lot costing you money and lost time at work. An unreported accident can hurt you when it’s time to trade in your vehicle only to discover that your vehicle is only worth a fraction of what you paid because it suffered frame damage in a wreck before you ever bought it. Either way, a bad buy will cost you thousands of dollars more than you ever dreamed.

We’re ALex and we’re here to help you buy the best used car or truck your hard-earned money can buy.

ALex protects auto buyers from the sales tactics of dirty dealers and other unscrupulous sellers. Just like you get a house inspected before you buy, shouldn’t have the second biggest purchase in your life inspected too? ALex helps you to buy the best used car or truck you can by rigorously and honestly inspecting the vehicle you are interested in buying.
Courts don’t protect buyers from making bad deals