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Why You Need ALEX

We only check cars. We don’t service them. We offer complete car check-ups, not just safety check-ups. 140 point check-up: $89.99

How ALEX Works

The average savings from having an ALEX check-up is $2,016.00 or 12% of $16,800 which is the average cost of a used car in 2015.

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We have 369 locations to serve you. Each independently owned inspection station is conveniently located and run by ASE Certified Technicians.

Pitfalls of buying without Alex

The ALEX concept was conceived when Lenard Myers, an attorney for plaintiffs in car purchase disputes, had said for perhaps the 10th time, “Did you have the car inspected prior to purchasing it?” inevitably the answer was always “no.”

After a couple of years of feasibility studies Mr. Myers has put together a plan to launch ALEX. First, a soft-launch with several corporate ALEX Stations, then a national launch with a mix of franchised ALEX Stations and corporate owned ALEX Stations.

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